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William J. Pardue, Attorney at The Law Offices of William J. Pardue, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of legal service.

Drawing on nearly three decades of expertise in legal service, Mr. Pardue is recognized for his work in private practice at the Law Offices of William J. Pardue. Established in 1994, the law firm specializes primarily in family law, civil litigation, probate, personal injury, and medical malpractice suits on behalf of its clients in the area of Morgan Hill, California. Additionally, he offers a wealth of services in adoption, conservatorship, and guardianship. Mr. Pardue previously served as a social worker for ten years, beginning in 1974.
Outside of his work as an attorney, Mr. Pardue has distinguished himself as a published author. Beginning with “Visionary Perspectives on the Good Life,” which later received a revised edition in the form of “Visionary Perspectives Reincarnated,” he went on to write “Why God,” which deeply interrogated his attitudes toward morality and religion. Mr. Pardue also co-wrote “Wolf Creek” alongside his son, Patrick, in 2017, and “A Mystic Guide to Spiritual Evolution” in 2019.

Mr. Pardue initially sought a formal education at the University of Texas at Austin, from which he earned a Bachelor of Arts in zoology in 1974. Following this accomplishment, he obtained a Master of Science in social work at the University of Texas at Arlington. Mr. Pardue concluded his academic efforts at the Santa Clara School of Law in 1988, whereupon he attained a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

In a career suffused with highlights, Mr. Pardue is proud to have received numerous accolades, including a certificate for developing a training plan on behalf of the Honduran Red Cross. Likewise, he was bestowed with a certificate from the family support unit by the National Red Cross for his work in supporting Vietnamese families. In accounting for his standout success, Mr. Pardue credits his passion for perfection, and his drive to excel in any situation in which he is placed.

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