About Me

If I think clearly about it for a moment and try to define this word “home”, which we are all so familiar with, it eludes me. I know what a home is, as we all do, but to put words to it, to encapsulate it in a phrase, that is another thing. What I know about my home is it is my favorite place to “be”. I love going on intriguing vacations and taking in the new sights, sounds, languages, smells, but, all of that adventure ends in the finale of going home. It is the highlight of the trip, the well-earned prize after drifting through the otherworld built of other’s lives held together by other’s dreams. Our homes, in a perfect world, are the crystallization of everything that makes us happy. We walk in the front door, leave the outside world behind us and melt seamlessly into the sanctuary we call home. We are safe there, we are appreciated there, we are loved there and most of all we are happy there and after all happiness both collectively and individually is the greatest prize.

The character of any particular home is of course determined by those souls who inhabit it. You may disagree and counter that a home’s character is determined by it physical presence. A mansion and a hovel can both be home to someone. They can also both be places of ‘happiness” or places of “grief and pain” or places of both but the distinct character of any particular place called home is determined by the people who inhabit it.

This home page which you are visiting is meant to be the “home”, the sanctuary, a place my books can abide in. It is meant to be a place where they can be visited and when visitors arrive they can welcome them, treat them graciously, courteously and above all share their thoughts with them, their stories, their hopes and dreams. It is a home that was created for the author’s thoughts which have coalesced into four books which explore this world of thought which we inhabit. The author hopes that upon entering this portal into his life that you are stimulated to introspection.

Each of these books represents the author’s adventures and travels on the path of introspection, of his search for an abiding happiness which is both complete and unconditional.